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It's been a year at least, shame on me! I've been focusing more on adding blogspot posts with lots of costume tips... I should probably focus more on this page too.

The ORS is growing; but I confess I haven't been super-focused on it lately--I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues tha have put the group on the back-burner... and nobody is really there to take on the work and the job in my stead. It's a tough job, and I can't say I blame people for not being enthused about doing it. Most people just want to show up and have fun.

We've had a heck of a year though since. One of the crowning events was the Feast of the Twelfth Night dinner we had ... OMG, it was brilliant. 21 diners, music, dancing and a menu that was beyond amazing; all at a long table at a lovely venue with candles and fruit centerpieces, costumes and wine. Awesome.

Here is the summary:

The Oregon Regency Society Presents the 2010

"An Exclusive, limited-availability event for those of discriminating taste. 

Begin the evening in elegant company, relishing a glass of fine wine or port while partaking in 
regency period parlour games, and sampling some delicate amuse-bouches.  Enjoy musical displays.

Make silhouettes of your beloved or your friend using the same methods as shown in the 1995 Adaptation of Sense & Sensibility.

Progress to a fully researched, period banquet of gastronomic delights conjured by the hands of a Culinary Institute of 
America Chef; served with distinction by a proper regency service staff.  Menu will be provided when completed.

Retire after supper to play whist, take tea and dessert, conversation, society, 
and perhaps to partake in several selected Regency dances accompanied by piano.


Formal Regency Evening Costume equired
for this event.  

Beautiful McLean House, West Linn, Oregon

Chef de Cuisine:
Miss Stephanie Robertson

Kitchen and Staff:
Lisa Sacora Robertson Hereford; Sous-chef
Christian Hereford
James Olson

Menu Served:

First Course
Lobster Bisque topped with a Tarragon and Lobster Chantilly
Deviled Eggs with Fresh Ground Pepper and Dill
Creamed Leek Pie
Lavender Blueberry Trifle
Roasted Leg of Lamb
Boiled Potatoes tossed in Butter and Fresh Dill
Steamed Mussels
Strawberry and Chocolate Trifle

Second Course
Meringues filled with a Strawberry Mousse
Mushroom and Goat Cheese Vol-au-vents
Glazed Ham
Honey Mustard Carrots
Roasted Asparagus
Glazed Pear and Rosemary Cake
Fresh Fruit Tarts

Third Course
Lemon Ice
Cheese, fruit, and Nut Board
Cornish Game Hens
Shredded Sweet Potato Pie
Glazed Lemon and Anise Cake
Crème Caramel

Photos and Video:











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It's been a while - it can be tough keeping up with all the many social networking sites and blogs for the ORS. Especially since we've been hopping event-wise.

What has already passed:
Event Date  
Picnic at Pittock 2009 July 26, 2009
A Stovepipe Bonnet Workshop II July 25, 2009
Chateau de Valois' Bastille Day Picnic July 12, 2009  
Sherwood Regency Ball June 20, 2009
Tea and History; Eugene May 24, 2009  
Un Peu De Thé et des Beaux-Arts May 9, 2009
"A Walk in the Park" Regency Picnic April 26, 2009
The ORS 2009 Spring Debut Ball April 4, 2009
A Jane Austen Afternoon, Elysian Designs March 29, 2009  
A Free ECD Workshop; Portland March 28, 2009  
A Free ECD Workshop; Salem March 14, 2009  
A Stovepipe Bonnet Workshop February 7, 2009

What is to come:

2009 Events

July 31 ~ August 16, 2009

"Pride and Prejudice" on Stage

Mago Hunt Center (at University of Portland), Portland, Oregon
A Production by Quintessence Language and Imagination Theatre

August 29, 2009 A Tour and A Tea 
Bishop's Close, Lavender Bleu Tea Room - West Linn, Oregon
September 4, 2009 An Evening of Music and Dance
Ainsworth House & Gardens ~ Oregon City, Oregon.
October 3, 2009 ORSCVC Harvest Ball
Details and Location TBA
October 10, 2009 "What Not To Wear" Regency Workshop
Home of Lauren Marks, SE Portland.
December 5, 2009 ORS Winter Ball
The Sunnyside Grange, Happy Valley, Oregon
January 9, 2010 Feast of the Twelfth Night
McLean House ~ West Linn, Oregon
More Events to Come for 2009!!!
Keep checking back or join the ORS for email-notifications of upcoming events.

Other Event Links:

View Past Events

Oregon & Southern Washington JASNA 
2009 Calendar of events


Yes, I've been bad about posting on LJ of late. I will try to be better. Here is a movie shot by Barbara Wright of Brightjoy Productions; filmed on November 15 during the ORS Winter Ball at the David Cole Queen Anne Victorian Mansion. It's a lovely movie because it follows the progression of the whole evening, from the very beginning to the dinner, to the dancing.

Enjoy. ;)

Also, we had a lovely bonnet workshop on February 7; here are pictures of the event:

We made stovepipe bonnets from my lovely pattern (it was a great test of the pattern and I'm quite proud!).

Have a lovely weekend. Steph

The Ball | The Location | The Menu | The Dances | The Music | The Costume | The Auction 

Dinner, Dancing and Diversions.

Live music.

Silent Auction for Costume Items and Photograph Portraits

Pre-Ball English Country Dance Workshop (location TBA)

Event Sponsored by
the David Cole
Queen Anne Victorian Mansion

Current schedule subject to change.

call 503.622.0266 for details

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Take a picture of yourself, with friends, family members in Regency costume, in the most AUTHENTIC manner possible. Be it posed in a sitting room with Queen-Anne furniture and paneled walls, or outdoors in a very English-looking countryside walking with a friend; at an 1812 war officers dinner, chatting at a ball, or even in a habit by a horse.... whatever scene you decide to create. It must look like a moment torn from the early 1800s.

Then also write a 'mini-story' for the photo; a little diddy of 400 words or less, in the style of Jane Austen telling a story about the picture. Create your own mini-romance, your own tragedy, your own history in as few words possible; yes it can be done!

Submit the image and the story to this thread on the RSA forum as a reply (you will need to register). Submissions will be due by December 31, 2008. Submissions also will require the full name of the submitter, and your town and state.

Select Submissions will be then made into a Print-On-Demand colour paperback, full colour booklet through for purchase (through something like MyPublisher or similar). The stories will be carefully edited, the book compiled into a nice presentation, and made available for purchase. Any funds made beyond the cost of the booklet can go to the Jane Austen Society or any other suggested group or charity. A link to the purchase of the book will be provided upon publication.

The Judging:

A Thread on the RSA Community Forum will be created once the submission date has expired with a poll. Those submissions will be voted on by this board's membership.

The Prizes:
First place:
A cap and custom stovepipe bonnet with matching reticule by me.
Second Place:
A cap and custom soft-poke bonnet by me.
Third place:
A custom soft-poke bonnet and the pattern for my stovepipe bonnet.

For this contest and booklet to work, though, we need lots of participants... so pass the word to your costuming friends.

The thread for this contest is on the Regency Society of America Community Forum.


The Contest:

The ORS held a small picnic at the Berry Botanic Garden in Portland on Sunday.  The garden is a private location, and it's sort of  wild and full of native plants and rhododendrons.  There was a patch of lawn where we all spread out our picnic goods.  The day had started fairly grey so some people were concerned about it possibly raining, but instead, the clouds parted and we were offered a day of cool breezes and breaks of bright, searing sunlight.   Thank goodness for parasols.

This is the first picnic where we had the opportunity to play 'Graces' a regency-period game for the ladies; and also Pétanque, which is much like Bocci or Bowls.  It was a relaxing event, with even time for a quick game of whist, some drawing, reading, and a nice picnic to enjoy.  Folks came from all the way from Eugene to attend.  It was a wonderful time and we hope not the last event of the summer.  We don't get enough opportunities to sport our daywear. :)




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I'm a bonnet fiend.  It started with my first bumbling attempt at a bonnet (pictured below)

This evolved into my first try at a stovepipe.... pictured below:

...and now I sell them on etsy.  Finally, after being encouraged by Hats by Leko to make a pattern so she can make buckram frames, I have drafted my pattern for the Mt. Hood Creations Stovepipe Bonnet.

The pattern can be found here:

This bonnet is the first product of that pattern (based on View "A").  I've tested View "B" in postercard, and it looks very cute.

I'll post the picture of the lastest bonnet once it's finished.


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Was it a dream?

Was it a vision?

 ...did we glimpse a faerie?

...even the queen of the faeries herself?


Perchance did we spot a spirit, a satyr, a sprite?

...the forest's spirits will never tell.

We dined, and laughed and danced

until the sky was covered in stars.

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A kind lady named Barbara Wright of Brightjoy productions had attended our first regency costume event last August. I had forgotten about it. She'd brought a camera and equipment and had filmed the whole to-do. The whole thing just slipped my mind.

Imagine my surprise when I got a DVD in the mail only last week. I was delighted. It took me some time to figure out how to capture from a DVD and turn it into a youtube-friendly format; and the only software that worked cost $30 and so I chose only to use their limited free download version to do it.

The capture was only 7ish minutes of the full 16 minute movie; and the letterbox totally got squished; but still, it's a good film, even just half of it, so I decided to post it nonetheless.

As we approach the Midsummer Night's Dream Masquerade event at the Ainsworth House & Gardens this August, it seems appropriate to post this movie to mark the first 'anniversary' of ORS events. Despite the ORS having been around a bit longer, August does mark month where we first actually did something.

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